Gun Smithing   



    Gun Smithing General Services    
                              per hour 
(one hour min)                   $25.00

        Gun Cleaning Service       
                              per gun                                $15.00

        Muzzle  Breaks

                               4140 Steel (blued)                  $250.00

                             Stainless                               $250.00


                              Per hole                                  $10.00

        Bore Sighting                                                  $15.00

        Scope Mounting      (Plus Parts) (Bore Sighting Included)            $25.00

                Standard Bluing                Rifle                      $125.00

                                                  Pistol                    $100.00

        Trigger Adjustments        (Plus Parts)                 $35.00

        Stock Refinishing                                             $100.00

        Stock Bedding              (Your Stock)                  $125.00

        Recoil Pad Installed  (plus cost of  pad)                            $25.00

        Machine/Lathe Work          
                               (Per Hour)
(One hour Min)                                      $50.00


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